Portable Automatic Horizontal Sawmill

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Product Introduction of portable automatic horizontal sawmill

The portable automatic horizontal sawmill is the newest design which can improve your cutting precision efficiency. The portable automatic horizontal sawmill can saw large logs,the work efficiency is high, which can help you do more with less.The portable automatic horizontal sawmill combine with automatic log loading deck, log turning conveyor, input and output chain system, side slab conveyor etc, touch screen control easy operation.

Product parameter of portable automatic horizontal sawmill

portable automatic horizontal sawmill
Max cutting diameter800mm1000mm1500mm
Max cutting length5000mm5000mm5000mm
Saw wheel diameter800mm900mm1000mm
Saw blade width80mm80mm100mm
Saw head liftingAutomatic
Saw head walkingAutomatic
Saw blade tensionAutomatic
Saw power18.5kw(25hp)22kw(30hp)75kw(102hp)
Cutting measurement                                                            Automatic
Cutting speedAdjustable
Hydraulic power4kw5.5kw11kw
Log loadingHydraulic
Log turningHydraulic
Log lockingHydraulic
Track length6000mm6000mm6000mm
Overall size(L/W/H)7*3.1*3.5m7*3.5*3.9m8*4*4.5m

Cast-iron headblocks with Hydraulic / pneumatic cylinder for tight log locking

Moveable headblocks is optional

Stronger log locking hook

Product typical feature of portable automatic horizontal sawmill

1.Customization is supported, and the machine can be customized according to the diameter and length of customers' wood.

2.The products are of high quality and good price, and at the same price, our machines have more advantages in quality.

3.The company's pre-sales service and after-sales service are serious and responsible, and it can patiently solve all customers' problems about machines, so as to ensure that the machines can be used by customers to complete every job with high quality.

Product feature and application of portable automatic horizontal sawmill

It is suitable for large-scale production in sawmills, and is widely used in large-scale wood processing in virgin forest areas.

Product details of the portable automatic horizontal sawmill

Carbide saw blade for smooth and precision cutting

Adjust roller

Automatic side bafflf

Full automatic clamping

Automatic log turner

Log loader system

Control box

Product Qualification

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