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What are the outdoor sports backpacks?


What are the outdoor sports backpacks?

With the improvement of living standards, many people choose to have some outdoor trips with friends during the rest time. Outdoor sports backpack is an indispensable piece of equipment for outdoor sports. So what are the types of this important equipment? Let me tell you below.

Types of Outdoor Sports Backpacks

1. Travel bag

Travel bags, also known as travel bags, are products developed from travel and tourism. At present, tourism projects are developing rapidly at home and abroad, and travel bags have also evolved into various types. During the journey, it can bring us convenience and make the items easy to pack and carry. Therefore, according to the length and distance of the travel time, it is necessary to choose the appropriate travel bag.

First of all, the types of travel bags Travel bags can be divided into backpacks, handbags, and trolley bags according to their appearance. Travel bags are divided into travel bags for daily city trips or short trips according to their daily uses.

Travel bags generally have a detachable top bag or a waist bag. After arriving at the destination, you can put the frequently used things in the top bag or the waist bag, leave the big bag at the destination, and then pack lightly.

Although carrying a big travel bag, it seems that the cool posture will attract a lot of attention, but only you can understand the weight on yourself, and no one will share the tiredness of your shoulders, so when you travel, you must To the best of our abilities, we must "choose bags according to your body" when choosing travel bags.

When choosing a travel bag, you must try the weight, that is, put something suitable for your own luggage in the bag to try the effect, or borrow a friend's travel bag to try the back, and pay attention to whether the travel bag is tight to your back when you try the back Stickers, whether the belt and chest strap are suitable, and whether men's and women's styles should be separated, etc.

With a good travel bag, if you don't know how to load it, it will also make your back hurt. According to the clerk at the Pathfinder field store, the general order of loading items is sleeping bags and clothing, lighter equipment, heavier equipment, supplies, and beverages from bottom to top.

When purchasing a travel bag, it is best to go to a professional store and ask professional people to help you purchase it. You must be picky when purchasing, and don’t just look at the brand. If it is not suitable, you would rather not buy it than settle for it.

2. Special bicycle bag

Divided into two types: hanging bag type and backpack type. The hanging bag type can be carried on the back or hung on the front handlebar or rear shelf of the bicycle. Backpacks are mainly used for bike touring where high speed riding is required. There are reflective strips on the bicycle bag that can reflect the light to ensure the safety when riding at night.

3. Backpack

This type of bag consists of a bag body and an external aluminum alloy shelf. It is used to carry bulky items that are not easy to fit into a backpack, such as camera boxes, gas tanks, etc. In addition, many backpacks often indicate which sports are suitable for them on the label.

4. Mountaineering Outdoor Sports Backpacks

There are two types: one is a large backpack with a volume of 50-80 liters; the other is a small backpack with a volume of 20-35 liters, also called "assault bag".

Large mountaineering bags are mainly used for transporting mountaineering materials during mountaineering, and small mountaineering bags are generally used for high-altitude climbing or peak assault.

Backpacks for mountaineering are designed to cope with extreme environments. They are exquisitely made and unique. Generally, the bag is slender and long. The back of the bag is designed according to the natural curve of the human body, so that the bag is close to the person's back to reduce the pressure on the shoulders from the straps.

These bags are all waterproofed, so they won't leak even in heavy rain. In addition, in addition to mountaineering, mountaineering bags are also widely used in other adventure sports such as rafting, crossing deserts, etc. and long-distance travel.

How to choose a mountaineering bag

soft backpack

There is no internal or external support, no good carrying system, similar to a student's backpack. Lightweight and small in size. However, the relatively simple carrying system cannot bear a large load, and it is uncomfortable to carry. Only suitable for general urban travel, one-day hiking, or one-day suburban climbing activities.

Outer frame bag

The metal frame is on the outside of the backpack, which is very rare now. There is an H-shaped metal frame aluminum alloy on the outside of this kind of bag. It is most common to hang photography boxes, stoves and other equipment on the outside, so it is very bulky.

But compared with the inner frame bag, there is a larger space between the body and the backpack, so that there is better air convection between the body and the backpack, and it can keep cool and comfortable when carrying it.

However, when the pack is fully loaded, the outer frame pack has a higher center of gravity, which can be dangerous in poor road conditions. For example, when walking in dense forests and bamboo bushes, the backpack is likely to be caught and stuck, and the center of gravity is also likely to shift suddenly and lose balance when climbing. Therefore, this kind of bag is more suitable for carrying large luggage on flat roads.

Inner frame bag

The metal skeleton is moved to the inside of the Outdoor Sports Backpacks, so that the skeleton and the backpack are more integrated. It is the type of mainstream mountaineering bag now. The pack fits more comfortably against the body for a more stable center of gravity.

Compared with the outer frame bag, this will make you more mobile and easier to master the balance. Especially now that most brands use an adjustable carrying system, which can be adjusted to suit your body shape, and it will be very comfortable to carry. People who have seen it will see:


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