Men's Tungsten Rings, A Trend to Watch for In 2023

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At present, the most popular ring jewelry in the fashion industry is tungsten gold. 2023 Fantasy Tungsten Ring will never wear out and never rust. The following is an inventory of the benefits of tungsten gold rings

As long as it is tungsten gold, it will never fade (unless you throw it in aqua regia). The so-called tungsten gold is an alloy containing tungsten. Due to the extremely high melting point of tungsten, the quality is very stable, and the hardness of tungsten gold is extremely high. Tungsten alloy is the second hardest substance in the world after diamond. The hardness value is between 8-9M (Mohs hardness).

As an accessory, after being polished, it is radiant and will never wear out. The real thing is more beautiful than the picture, and it has a texture in the hand. It is very popular among fashionable contemporary young people. So is a tungsten gold ring good? What's so good about tungsten gold rings?

1. Trendy and fashionable.

2. Tungsten gold is the hardest metal in the world, with a Mohs hardness of 8~9, second only to diamonds. In theory, it is not afraid of friction in ordinary daily life.

3. The price of tungsten gold is lower than that of silver (this depends on the purity and cannot be generalized), and it is cheaper than silver rings, which may be the reason why young people love tungsten gold (the income of young people has just started, and the price is very high. Sensitive factors), the price of tungsten gold is much higher than that of titanium steel, and lower than that of silver.

4. The gloss is excellent, definitely not worse than silver, and can be used as a mirror (provided that the surface is not frosted).

5. The manufacturers of tungsten gold rings are relatively single, and basically only see the European "Townston", which should be the best for tungsten gold jewelry.

6. Tungsten gold is corrosion-resistant, and sweat and ordinary high temperature are ineffective to it. If silver is baked at high temperature, all kinds of gorgeous and beautiful things will turn black.

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