Jigsaw Puzzle Production Industry Is Facing a Dilemma

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With the development of science and technology, especially the popularity of artificial intelligence, the future manufacturing industry will achieve higher efficiency and flexibility, and the operation, maintenance and replacement of equipment will be more frequent. Kids 3D puzzles are used as a game or teaching tool by many Practitioners love it not only because of its low cost, but also because of its irreplaceable role in teaching and training, especially letter puzzles and number puzzles have a certain teaching enlightenment effect for many younger children. Nowadays, however, the production of existing jigsaw puzzles, from the selection of jigsaw components to the assembly of materials, is all done manually or by human-controlled machines. Traditionally, it is made by manual or semi-automatic production mode, although it is realized to some extent The production of jigsaw puzzles has been improved, but there are still many problems or deficiencies. First of all, because of the participation of people, the traditional production mode is more or less affected by supervisory factors. It is impossible to complete the order due to fracture, and many inferior products will be produced due to the poor skill level of the operators. It is worth mentioning that because of the existence of supervisory factors, it will lead to unnecessary waste of materials. What is more worth mentioning is that , Under the traditional production mode, there are still limitations in work efficiency progress and work efficiency. After all, the semi-automatic production mode of human-controlled machines cannot work 24 hours a day. In other words, the traditional jigsaw puzzle production mode may have insufficient production capacity. phenomenon, especially when manufacturers receive a large number of orders; secondly, the rise in labor costs also brings a greater burden to enterprises.

Furthermore, most of the jigsaw puzzles sold on the market today are fixed finished products, that is to say, when users need jigsaw puzzles, they often can only buy jigsaw puzzles that have been produced in stores or online stores, and cannot customize them according to their own needs. Individuals prefer to buy jigsaw puzzles of a specific color, type, and style. In addition, users of different age groups have different needs for the types of puzzles, and the people who are suitable for various puzzles have their own advantages and disadvantages. The existing mass production mode , it is impossible to solve the differences in the needs of users of all ages for puzzles. In other words, the existing production mode of puzzles cannot meet the needs of each user in a differentiated manner.

Therefore, the utility model of our company provides a jigsaw puzzle production equipment to solve the above problems.

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