Analysis of the development status of solar street lamp industry

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The solar street lamp industry is in the early stages of maturity. After vigorous promotion and promotion before, solar street lamps have developed rapidly. People's governments around the world have issued policies to vigorously develop solar street lamps to facilitate installation, environmental protection, energy saving, short return on investment cycle, intelligence, and advanced technology. And other characteristics have been recognized by everyone, the market competition is fierce, and the focus of competition has shifted from price to after-sales service.

In recent years,Solar Stainless Steel Bollard Path Light have become a supporting product of the national rural poverty alleviation policy. For Chinese solar street lamp enterprises, it is necessary to grasp the development needs of street lamps in rural areas, and according to the characteristics of street lamp demand in rural areas of our country, develop street lamp products suitable for rural areas of our country, which has broad development prospects. According to the incomplete statistical data obtained from the enterprise investigation, there are 8839 solar street lamp manufacturers in the whole country. The top four provinces/municipalities of solar street light manufacturers are Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong, and Zhejiang. They accounted for 43.5% (Jiangsu), 9.7% (Guangdong), 6.6% (Shandong) and 4.3% (Zhejiang) of the national total respectively. Jiangsu Yangneng Street Lamp occupies the top spot with a huge number of 3843 companies, far ahead.

With the improvement of the conversion efficiency of solar cells, the continuous development of LED lighting technology, and the popularization of the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection worldwide, the market for solar street lamps has grown rapidly. With the acceleration of urbanization, the rise of the concept of smart city and safe city, benefiting from the promotion of national infrastructure construction investment, cultural tourism policy, "characteristic towns" and various innovative models, the solar street lamp market is ushering in an explosive period, gradually It is developing in the direction of comprehensive urban lighting transformation. These supporting policies not only create a good macro environment for the development of the industry, but also bring substantial benefits to the development of the industry through large-scale demonstration projects, which is conducive to the long-term healthy and rapid development of the industry.

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