What is the difference between N95 masks and surgical masks?

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Both COVID-19 N95 Mask and surgical masks can generally play a better role in preventing bacterial invasion, but generally speaking, N95 masks have better airtightness, while medical surgical masks usually have a lower level, but these two All belong to the type of mask that meets the microbial isolation standard.

The N95 mask implements the American mask standard, which requires the filtration efficiency of particles with a diameter of 0.3 μm or more to reach more than 95%, so it can play a defensive role against ordinary viruses and bacteria. Ordinary medical surgical masks are usually of a relatively low level. Especially for the prevention of new coronaviruses, the masks required to be worn should be medical surgical masks, which can at least prevent particles above 3 μm in the air, so it is also suitable for most bacteria and viruses. Can play a filtering effect. Both N95 masks and medical surgical masks meet the pathogenic microorganism isolation standard. It is recommended to wear the mask correctly and replace it in time when it exceeds 4 hours to prevent bacteria and viruses from invading.

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