How to choose a car wash towel?

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Many car owners use the towels they use at home to wipe their cars when they wash their cars. Actually this approach is wrong. Don't use car towels casually as they can damage your car's paint. Ultra-absorbent Car Wash Towel for cleaning the car should be soft, not easy to scratch the car paint, fade or wash away, and should be easy to absorb water. Car owners can purchase special car wash towels, regular microfiber towels, suede towels, and suede towels.

Which is better, suede towels or microfiber towels?

The suede towel is made of sheepskin, which is hairless and dust-free, and there is no hair on the body when cleaning the vehicle.It is also highly absorbent, soft and smooth, and will not damage the paintwork.The vehicle can be cleaned immediately. Wipe off the water from the body when cleaning. The disadvantage is the high price.

Microfiber towels are soft to the touch and generally have good absorbency and decontamination capabilities. And it's cheap. However, dark colored towels will fade.

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